Weekend Studio Shoot

Posted on Sep 2, 2014 in People, Studio

An Open Studio Shoot last weekend at Studio1A in Marrickville. With models Armando, Ellen Hudson, Taylia Lopez, Charlotte D, Jacqueline S, Pia Priestley, Emma Marie Green, Jasmin Keane, Kristal Hickey, Jayden S, Jamie A, Noah Williams, Sasha Lian, Michaela Baranov and Sophia Angeleena. Great hair and make up by Carla Vallelonga, Donna Kalasho, Rachael Bastiaansen, Roxanne Cahil and Syham Elomar, and styling by Marky Hong. I tip my hat to all involved! Was a great day.

Open Studio Shoot collage

Open Studio Shoot at Studio1A. Details on Flickr.




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