Sydney Zombie Walk

Posted on Nov 3, 2013 in Events

Another Halloween, another Sydney Zombie Walk. Having missed last year’s lurch, I definitely wanted to be there again this year. And it was epic! Huge! It feels like the spot near Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park is becoming a bit small, and they need a larger area.

There was some confusion on how the walk would proceed this year, possibly doing a loop back into Hyde Park. Then the start got delayed because of the huge crowd, to around 4:10pm, 40 minutes late. The lurch then proceeded along Elizabeth Street to end  up in Prince Alfred Park at about 5pm.

For post-processing, this year I went with a highkey/lofi treatment for gory blood and popping colours, in contrast to my previous processing where I went dark. Which do you prefer?

More zombies on Flickr.