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Posted on Dec 28, 2013 in Technology

It’s that time of year to compile lists of “Best Xs of 2013”, “Most Ys of the year”,… and Google has compiled the Most Photographed Places of 2013 (based on Google’s own Panoramio service) and created a “heat map” on Google Maps (nothing to do with temperatures), available on I don’t use Panoramio myself, and I’d love to see something similar by Flickr, but it’s still fun, as it allows you to interactively explore the photography hotspots of the world. As a side effect it also shows you the least photographed places, which could inspire you to get “off the beaten track”.

Overview of the world:
World heat map

Australia heat map

And Sydney is ranked 14th on Here are its most photographed places:
Sydney heat map

But just don’t get too close, it’s a bit overwhelming:
Sydney close up

Instagram also compiled its Top 10 most instagrammed places and cities for 2013. No Sydney in the Top 10 though, but New York, Los Angeles and Bangkok (!) are very popular.

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