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Posted on Oct 15, 2013 in Reviews

As you shoot an event, you’re often expected to deliver or upload images ASAP. But shooting RAW, editing images and exporting take their sweet time. Then add the full res upload and your delivery time starts slipping. On the other side, downloading 4-5MB sized images  makes user experiences grind to a halt, especially on mobile.

Depending on your needs, you would lower the resolution of your images through your favorite photo app (else Facebook would do it for you :). But keeping image quality up, still leaves you with a 1-2MB file.

I’ve found JPEGMini to be an invaluable tool to shrink images. JPEGMini sets the quality of your JPEG to the lowest setting the human eye can tolerate. And it’s brilliant at doing so, reducing up to 5x the file size of your photos!

Save your images at high quality in your photo app, then drag’n’drop them onto JPEGMini, and see the file size savings pile up (literally, it will tell you how much you have save). Word of warning, it will optimize and replace the images you have exported and drag’n’dropped onto it (no file renaming or anything).

So far, since I’ve been using it, I’ve almost saved 10GB. That wouldn’t just be a size savings on your precious SSD (or harddrive, NAS), but also in bandwidth to upload those images, and time waiting for them to be uploaded! A 20-30 minute upload could turn into a 2-5 minute upload! (the time it takes for JPEGMini to process is negligible really)

Try it out!

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  1. Kate
    November 19, 2013

    Loved your info on JpegMINI – thankyou. really useful tip