JJ Halans Belgian born Jean-Jacques (JJ), has been capturing the world around him from behind a lens since 1981, when he first got his little 8-year-old hands on an AgfaMatic compact camera. As he continued to show great interest in photography and proved to have a keen eye for lighting and composition, he was given a Praktica MTL5 SLR camera at age 12, to further hone his skills as the roving, family get-together photographer.

During his late teens and early twenties, JJ did a 3-year Photo Art course at the Academy of Hoboken (Antwerp, Belgium) and a year at the renowned Brussels Film School, Rits. The emergence of the Internet in the ’90s gave him the opportunity to combine his love for technology and photography.

A software engineer by day, JJ spends his “after-hours” evenings and weekends making excursions with his camera(s), which have resulted in an extensive portfolio. A beautiful showcase of the many wonderful places and chance encounters with interesting folk he has enjoyed over the years.

People have come to expect JJ to bring a camera along wherever he goes, which has earned him the reputation as the “Official Unofficial Photographer” at many Sydney-based community events. His seemingly shy, quiet demeanour enables him to unobtrusively blend in and capture people in their most natural state – unaware, just enjoying themselves.

In some cases this has landed him the job of Official Photographer, for example at TEDx Sydney for the last eight years, the Sydney Film Festival in 2012, Sydney New Years Eve (2013/14-2014/15) for City of Sydney, and Web Directions Summit.

Photography services on offer:
Portraiture for artists, business, family.
Pet photography.
Documentary photography of events.
Panorama and 360 degree sphere photography.
Product catalogue and still life photography.

Check out and buy some of JJ’s Australian photography at Austockphoto.