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17 February


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16 February


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Images of Kinderdijk, Netherlands

2 January


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What people are saying.

  • Michelle Williams, CEO & Founder of Ideaction

    JJ Halans attended many of the community run SIBSYD events that were run with the community, discussing environmental and social benefit. He paid special attention to the unique and insightful connections between people. Photographs taken captured the day beautifully and still, years later, these photos serve as a great reminder of the special community of people who gathered, the interactions and the humanness shown.

    - Michelle Williams, CEO & Founder of Ideaction
  • John Wells, Director, Cofluence

    JJ Halans has provided event photography for several “unconference” open format events around Sydney, including our GovCamp. It’s important to have someone on board who will go the extra mile, who has an imaginative eye for the mood and tone of the participants as well as the event.  JJ fits in seamlessly and effortlessly.  His photographic record of our day became more than an archive – it became a significant part of the narrative.

    - John Wells, Director, Cofluence

  • Tim Lumsdaine, Photography director, TEDxSydney

    JJ has been a photographer and image editor with TEDxSydney since its first event in 2010, and during this time I’ve found both his dedication to the cause and his skills as an event photographer to be without peer. He remains calm in the midst of chaos, pitches in without hesitation, and always delivers great results.

    - Tim Lumsdaine, Photography director, TEDxSydney
  • Stephen Lead, Curator, IgniteSydney

    JJ Halans has been a regular contributor to Ignite Sydney, always delivering terrific photos which showcase our event in its best light. JJ delivers photos extremely quickly, and is always a delight to work with.



    - Stephen Lead, Curator, IgniteSydney

About Jean-Jacques Halans

Belgian born Jean-Jacques (JJ), has been capturing the world around him from behind a lens since 1981, when he first got his little 8-year-old hands on an AgfaMatic compact camera. As he continued to show great interest in photography and proved to have a keen eye for lighting and composition, he was given a Praktica MTL5 SLR camera at age 12, to further hone his skills as the roving, family get-together photographer…